FREE ENERGYPower Management Solutions

FREE ENERGYPower Management Solutions


Plug And Play Back Up Options In Lithium Or Lead Acid Batteries Based On Your Energy Consumption And Recovery Speeds Required. LITHIUM BETTER OPTION

Home Or Home Office Back Up Options 3 Hours

LEAD ACID BATTERY BACKUP SYSTEMS 50% DOD (Depth Of Discharge) (Slower Reload) (Less Cycles)

A1   480Wh Consumption Over 3 hours (160 watts per hour) 12v

  (120 Watts per hour if 4 hours)  1200va/700watts Load Rating 

Price on request  

A2 960Wh Consumption Over 3 hours (320 watts per hour)  24v

  (240 Watts per hour if 4 hours)  2000va/1200watts Load Rating

Price on request

(9 hours for 90% charged for lead acid, to be fully charged its up to 72 hours)(Battery not to go below 50%)    

LITHIUM BATTERY BACKUP SYSTEMS 80% DOD (Depth Of Discharge) (Faster Reload)

L5   768Wh Consumption Over 3 hours (256 watts per hour) 12v

     (192 Watts per hour if 4 hours) 1200va/700watts Load Rating 

R 11 999.00 Including Vat

L6 1536Wh Consumption Over 3 hours (512 watts per hour) 24v

   (384 Watts per hour if 4 hours)  2000va/1200watts  Load Rating 

Price on request     

(Lithium batteries take about 5 hours to charge if its set to 20amp charge)     

Always spec higher than required

All Items subject to stock availability .

No appliance to exceed the inverter watt load rating indicated to avoid product failure including watts per run time. 

Read manual as you are responsible for it's safe use and protection

Prices confirmed on order with payment required to secure

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