FREE ENERGYPower Management Solutions

FREE ENERGYPower Management Solutions


Solar 8 Kw On-Grid Hybrid Inverter With 15Kwh Lithium Batteries Sunset Beach Cape Town Blouberg

Process To Follow And Things To Consider

8kw Sunsynk Inverter With 15Kwh Lithium Battery
8kw Sunsynk Inverter With 15Kwh Lithium Battery

Our focus is on planning and ensuring that our SSEG Solutions are sourced from the top manufacturers, fitted by qualified artisans and use Accepted Inverters as per City Requirements SSEG.

We will project manage and assist you with the Permissions required ensuring compliance and job completion.

As this is not a one size fits all offering there is a responsibility to ensure the correct solution is specified based on the Information Sheet provided and you understand how the solution functions. See this video to see a solar system run down.

Who Is Your Current Energy Supplier, Consumption offset required, Load Shedding Consumption, On Grid, Off Grid, Single Phase, 3 Phase, Solar Now, Solar Later, No Solar with Back up only, Breaker Size and Roof Structural Viability needs to be determined per job and customers requirements.

Based on this information we can give you a price indication subject to unforseen items. The solution will be based on the inverter/ battery being < 3m from the main DB and panels <15m from combiner box.

We have in the interim included 2 popular options for review by yourself for budgeting purposes. If there are variations from our final budget we will discuss the specifics with you and review options together. 


Before doing anything perform a load management review Using this Audit Checklist and determine how you are going and how you can reduce your consumption now (Note Guide Ratings Included). Cheaper to reduce power required vs purchasing a Solar PV Solution for inflated consumption.

Top 3 things to look at for reducing your consumption:

1 Led Lights Though Your House 

2 Convert Electric Stove To A Gas Stove 

3 Convert To A Solar Water Geyser Or Heat Pump For Your Water Heating

At this stage also ensure your current DB board is COC compliant with sufficient breaker allocation to allow a sub board to tie in with your back up circuits(We suggest you book a pre assessment for any pre install remedial work required) 

Please see information required to start the process. Answer and complete what you can. 


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